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Performed all over Europe, this project is a collection of my works for piano solo and for various chamber music settings, from my two albums Symmetry and Patterns as well as new material still not recorded.

Ningú es un zombi

Musical based on Jordi Folch's book "Ningú es un zombi". Håvard worked with Guillem Galofré on creating the music for this show. Premiered in Teatre Betrina in Reus december 2017, and re-premiering in Barcelona Jove Teatre Regina september 2018.

Cave Competence

This is a commisioned piece by the Austrian record label Gramola. It's a piece composed for string orchestra, piano, percussion a narrator. With text by Jürgen Grimm "Höhlenkompetenz in 52 Übungen"- How do we deal with a natural disaster that forces us all to isolate? You need Cave Competence.

Lofoten Cello Duo

A duet that started in an intimate setting in a friends living room. Focusing on folk music from around the world aswell as composing their own material the duet published their first CD "Lynx" in 2016. Second album "Cervus" and third album "Octopoda" all available on Spotify.

Els Joves Combustibles

A musical based on Robbie Best's play "The Young Combustibles". Music composed by Håvard Enstad and lyrics by Roger Batalla. A black comedy about a town suffering from a wave of suicidal youngsters. Premiering fall 2017. 

My Grandfather's Cabin

A theatrical piece co-created with Shane Callaghan for one actor and four musicians. Premiered in Barcelona(catalan and english version) and also performed in Drogheda(Ireland) and Bergen(Norway)and in Vienna. 

     Vigen Hovsepyan

Håvard and Vigen have collaborated for many years in different projects, HAV folk trio, Barcelona Ethnic Band among other minor projects. They collaborated on Vigen's first solo album of traditional Armenian music "Echoes" 2015

Barcelona Ethnic Band

An ensemble that Håvard founded in 2010 with Pau Baiges as an exploration of world music. Its a tribute to traditional music from cultures all over the world. 

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